This section is the collecting information part. First you will need your Windows "Product Key". This will be on the disk packaging provided with your CD's/DVD's. The product key will be 25 digits long and will contain letters and numbers.

 Input key (Dashes will be added automatically), and click next when completed. 

Now the License terms: Read and confirm that you accept the License by selecting the box on the bottom left of the screen.

Once done click next to continue. 

Now you will asked the type of installation you wish to do. Click on "Custom" to continue.

Next you will select the location of the install.  Select the drive, and then click on "Drive Options" to setup and Format the drive. Alternatively you can just click "Next and windows will use max space available." If you use the later the go straight to "Part 3" of this guide.

To setup the harddrive, click on "NEW"

Select the amount of size you wish to use and click on "APPLY".

It will take a few moments to apply the settings.

Once done, click on "FORMAT" to format the drive.

You will receive a warning, click "OK" to continue, as all info will be permanently deleted.

Windows is now formating the drive, this may take a few moments so be patient.

Once done click on "NEXT" to continue.


Click here for Part 3