You will now be asked for your Product Key, you can skip this but doing so may have you installing the wrong version of Windows which will only work for 30 days.

Once you have inputted your Product Key, click on "NEXT" to continue.

Your License agreement will now appear, read the select "I accept the License terms", once accepted click on "NEXT" to continue.

Now from the following menu select "Upgrade".

Now Windows will check the "Compatibility" of programs already installed on your computer.

A report will now appear telling you what will not work with Windows Vista. If you "Right click" on your mouse you will be able to print this report and keep for later use. Click on "NEXT" to continue.

Windows will now begin the upgrade process, this may take some time, so go have a cup of tea, and have yourself a well deserved break.

Windows Vista Upgrade Install Part 3